Works for Band and Wind Ensemble

The Ground Beneath Our Feet (2017) 4'
for concert band
Commissioned by Susan Leffler, in memory of Mr. William Leffler, and the Scarsdale Middle School for the Scarsdale Middle School Eighth Grade Concert Band, Nicholas Lieto director, Michael McDermott, Principal.

Equus Rex (1986/2014) 5' - audio available
for jazz band

A Screaming Comes Across the Sky (2012) 6' - audio available
Also available for orchestra
Orchestral work: winner of the Columbia Orchestra's American Composer Competition (2007) &
winner of the Fauxharmonic Orchestra Compositon Prize (2006)

Three Places in the Texas Hill Country (2010) 7'30" - audio available
Composed for the Hector Garcia Middle School Band, San Antonio, Texas
for concert band

Fever Tokens (1992) 9' - audio available
for wind ensemble

Dragons (1987) 16' - audio available
for wind ensemble

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