Music for Woodwinds & Brass

What passes for discourse (2016) 5'
for alto saxophone & guitar
Commissioned by Duo Montagnard

Five Modular Movements (2015) 15"
for brass quintet
The movement '16, written for the inauguration cermony of the 16th President of SUNY Potdam, Dr. Kristin Esterberg, is also available as a stand-alone work.

...recalculating... (2013) 7'30" - audio available
for oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone & bassoon
Written for the Aria Trio

crashing into the sun (2012) 1'
for alto saxophone & piano

(Another) Three Movements for Saxophone Quartet (2008) 18'
Funded with a grant from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio

To Light (2008) 2'- audio available
for double brass quintet
Commissioned by the Marion Koogler McNay Museum, San Antonio, Texas, for the dedication of the Jane and Arthur Stieren Center for Exhibitions

borne by constellations of green birds (2006) 15' - audio available
for alto saxophone & piano

Deep Blue Spiral (1998) 7'30" - audio available
for alto saxophone & prerecorded electronic music
This piece can be heard on the CDs Tango Magnetism (performed by Todd oxford) and Juggernaut (performed by Jeremy Justeson)

Cutting the Circle (1997) 9'30" - audio available
for oboe & piano

Octet (1997) 20' - audio available
for flute, clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 trumpets, & 2 trombones

Still Life with Fruit (1996) 6' - audio available
for flute & percussion (1 player)
This piece can be heard on the CD Twilight Remembered (performed by the McCormick Duo)

The Old Voice of the Sea (1993) - audio available
for clarinet

Senddef (1989) 3'30"
for bass clarinet

Morfran (1987) 4' - audio available
for bass clarinet

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