Percussion Music

Five Views of the River (2013) 11'
for two marimbas

Not here, but there (2006) 10' - audio available
for 12 percussionists
Commissioned by the Moorse School Percussion Ensemble at the University of Houston
This piece can be heard on the CD Not here, but there (performed by the Moorse School Percussion Ensemble)

Flood (2005) 9' - audio available
for marimba, vibes [2 players] or flute & marimba/vibes [1 player] or clarinet & marimba/vibes [1 player]

Baby Toys (2003) 4'
for percussion quartet

Going to Vermont (2003) 9'30" - audio available
amplified marimba & prerecorded electronic sounds

Still Life with Fruit (1996) 6' - audio available
for flute & percussion (1 player)
This piece can be heard on the CD Twilight Remembered (performed by the McCormick Duo)

Totem (1989) 4' - audio available
Secrets (1991) 6' - audio available
The Way of the Animal Powers (1989) 3'30" - audio available
All three works are for percussion sextet
Available separately or as a set of three

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