Woman Ironing

Click on "play" to hear to hear the first minute of Woman Ironing. This performance is by the UTSA Women's Choir, Gary Mabry, conducting.

Instrumentation: SSAA Chorus, Piano
Year Composed: 2001
Duration: 5 minutes, 30 seconds
Text by: Olga Cabral (text is in English)
Pages: 19

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Woman Ironing

Olga Cabral

I am ironing the dress in which I ran from the prom
I am ironing my favorite dresses of long ago
I am ironing the dresses I did not have
and the ones that I did have, stitched so finely of fog
I am ironing the dress of water in which I met you
I am ironing our tablecloth of sun and our coverlet of moon
I am ironing the sky
I am folding the clouds like linen
I am ironing smoke

I am ironing sad foreheads and deep wrinkles of despair
I am ironing sackcloth
I am ironing bandages
I am ironing huge damp piles of worries
I am smoothing and patting and folding and hanging over chairs to air out and dry
I am ironing the tiniest things but for whom or for what I cannot imagine
I am ironing my shadow which is ironing me.

Woman Ironing is reprinted with the kind permission of the estate of Olga Cabral

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