The Breathing Night

Click on "play" to hear The Breathing Night from its premiere performance by the University of Texas at San Antonio's Women's Choir, Gary Mabry, conductor.

Instrumentation: SSAA Chorus, Piano or SATB Chorus, piano
Year Composed: 2002
Duration: 6 minutes
Text by: Olga Cabral (text is in English)
Pages: 15

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This piece is sold at cost for $1.60 a copy. (Discounts for large volume sales are possible.) The catalog number for the SSAA version of The Breathing Night is BN1. The catalog number for the SSTB version of The Breathing Night is BN2.

The Breathing Night

Olga Cabral

Chin on paws the night sleeps
a huge dark animal breathing
as earth keeps time breathing
as sleeping birds respire
breathing softly in and out
wrapped in their folded wings
as fish at rest in dark waters
breathe darkness through their gills
as trees and grasses breathe
each leaf and blade together
and the whole planet turns
upon its side inhaling exhaling
dreaming its green dream.

The Breathing Night is reprinted with the kind permission of the estate of Olga Cabral.
From the book The Green Dream, Contact II Publications, 1990.

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